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Estate Guru isn’t just useful to those looking to create their own estate plan, it is a tool that can be used by  financial advisors, CPA’s, benefits brokers, attorneys, charities, and employers. Take a look at what you can gain from becoming a Guru.


Financial Advisors

As financial advisors, the state of your client’s estate plan is critical to your job. We offer a tool that gives you better information on the components of your client’s lives that will directly affect their financial state. Our quarterly check-ups and analytics will keep you informed on your client’s current situation and needs. Better manage your customer relations with Estate Guru. We provide an easier way for financial advisors to:

  • Seamlessly integrate an independent law firm into your financial planning practice.
  • Complete and sign attorney approved estate planning documents for clients in your office, in just 30 minutes.
  • Discover lazy or under performing assets currently owned by your client.
  • Stay informed of changes that occur in your client’s life to ensure your role as their most trusted advisor.
  • Identify and have a reason to reach out to key stakeholders in your client’s estate plan – the individuals that make up your client’s most trusted inner circle.
  • Guarantee that you are notified immediately upon the death of each and every client so you can assist with transfer of wealth from one generation to the next.


Looking for another great touch point with your clients? Get to know more about what is going on in the lives of your clients to offer them more helpful services. Our analytics and quarterly check-ups with your clients will keep you up-to-date with their needs. We provide an easier way to manage a crucial part of your customer relations, as well as keep better retention of your accounts. Become an Estate Guru CPA to:

  • Understand your client’s assets.
  • Know about changes in your client’s life that can help you better manage their accounts or offer new services.
  • No orphans / better client retention.
  • Offer additional services to increase service depth.


Through our alternative practice model, you can easily expand your client base, giving you more contact with your clients. Our analytics and quarterly check-ups with your clients will keep you up-to-date with their needs. We give you a way to pick-up the little guys and, with little effort, build a relationship with them. This allows you to gain clients that grow into your business, and also singles out key accounts you want to follow up on. With Estate Guru:

  • You can decide what you will charge for these services, not us.
  • Expand your online presence through easy access to estate plans.
  • Clients will grow, giving you opportunities to provide additional services throughout their lives.
  • Obtain more clients without the back-end work.


One of the hardest things for a charity is being remembered by people at crucial decision making points, such as creating a trust. Testamentary bequests are a huge boon to charities, and can be a steady source of income. The easiest way to place the charity in a person’s thought process during estate planning is to do the estate planning for them. In the past this has been impossible because of the difficulty and legality of doing estate plans. We have changed this. Through Estate Guru you can offer estate planning services to your clients with ease, avoiding fear of legal issues. Some of the benefits charities will enjoy include:

  • Offering of testamentary bequest to your specific charity.
  • Providing more contact with your clients to keep your charity top of mind.

Benefits Brokers

As employees purchase non-traditional benefits programs like voluntary disability, cancer, accident, and whole life plans, most employers are looking to include estate planning services in their benefits package. Our estate planning process can help employees protect their assets through unforeseen events. If you’re ready to provide a value-added benefit to your clients to protect their employees, we’re ready to help! With Estate Guru you will be able to:

  • Provide your clients with the ability to offer their employees access to high quality estate planning documents and services at an extraordinary value.
  • Many employees go without the needed planning due to prohibitive costs and legal complexities- we take care of that and offer an easy and affordable solution.
  • Our documents serve as an employer sponsored product.
  • When someone signs up with your agent code, you get get a percentage of everything they do in Estate Guru for the life of the account.
  • It’s easy to become appointed to sell our plans. The low administrative requirements and strong customer service we provide result in long term recurring revenue stream.
  • Our estate planning documents are reviewed by each of the state’s Guru attorney to meet or exceed specific requirements.


A voluntary estate planning benefits program through Estate Guru provides your employees access to high quality estate planning documents and services at an extraordinary value. Many documents are included free of charge and others are significantly discounted from normal attorney’s fees. Often employees go without the needed planning due to prohibitive costs and legal complexities – we take care of that, and offer a simple and affordable solution:

  • Our estate planning solution is easy to access and administer, giving you a no-cost enhancement to your company’s benefits package while giving your employees an affordable way to take care of their estate plan legal needs.
  • Our legal benefits plans are reviewed by an attorney in your state to ensure they meet each state requirement.
  • Each document is carefully crafted to fit your needs.
  • We have competitive and affordable rates that are consistently lower than our competitors.