Health Care Directive


Your health care directive is a concrete document that communicates to your physician and loved ones…

what kind of treatment you wish to receive if you cannot – for whatever reason – tell them yourself. This is most important in dealing with terminal injuries that leave you without quality of life. Create a health care directive to inform physicians whether or not to keep you alive once you are unable to function.

A health care directive will allow you to:

hcd-icon-proxyName your health care proxy
Identify who will make health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so for yourself.

hcd-icon-endoflifeClarify your end-of-life desires
Provide guidelines to loved ones and healthcare professionals about extraordinary intervention when death is imminent.

hcd-icon-healthcareOutline your healthcare wishes
Provide guidelines for loved ones and healthcare professionals about the kind and level of care your desire.

hcd-icon-comfortEnsure comfort and dignity
Make sure everyone understands your wishes about living arrangements, medical treatment, hospice care, and palliative care.

hcd-icon-accessAuthorize access to your medical records
Identify who can have access to your healthcare records.

hcd-icon-walletConvenient wallet card
Informs medical staff that you have health care directives. This card is just as important as your insurance cards.

Additionally with Estate Guru your health care directive will:

will-icon-lawyerHave a lawyer assigned to your file
this lawyer is in charge of your documents, ensuring they are completed and stay up to date as they should be.

will-icon-securitySecure cloud storage
safely store your health care directive to keep it protected from human error or unpredictable events (flood, fire, etc.).

poa-icon-easyEasy access
you can easily help create the necessary health care directives for a family member, or share your own health care directive with your power of attorney. Easy cloud sharing ensures this document is in the right hands should it ever be needed.

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