Last Will & Testament


A will provides basic protection for your loved ones and your assets.

Estate Guru provides this essential document when needed. Anyone who is 18 or older needs at least a simple will.

With a will, you are able to:

will-icon-guardianName a Guardian for Your Minor Children
Identify who you wish to raise your children if you are unable to do so.

will-icon-executorName Your Executor
Identify who will be responsible to settle your affairs when you die.

will-icon-assetsDistribute your assets
Determine who will get what, and when they will receive it.

Additionally when you create a will with Estate Guru:

will-icon-lawyerA Lawyer is Assigned to Your File
This lawyer will help ensure your estate plan is properly completed and maintained. Unlike with other online estate planning sites, this comes at no additional cost.

will-icon-securitySecure cloud storage
This gives you access to your documents from anywhere while protecting them from loss through human error or physical events (flood, fire, etc.).

will-icon-sharingSharing Capability
We make it easier to share estate planning documents, allowing those you have included in your plan to access the document(s) they need when the time comes.  It also assists you to encourage your relatives to create their own estate plan.

Estate Guru gives you lawyer quality documents at an affordable price for everyone.

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